Who is Bethel?

Bethel is one church in two locations. One campus in Fergus Falls, Minnesota and a second campus, just recently started, in Battle Lake, Minnesota.

Bethel is a group of ordinary people living openly with God. This relationship results in loving care of family, neighbor, community and one another. We think being connected with God through faith in Jesus Christ is life’s highest priority and greatest good!

Many people at one time in their lives were part of a church, but somewhere along the line,  they left. People leave churches for lots of reasons – maybe something in their life happened that made them think or feel that they didn’t belong anymore, or maybe they just got bored with the whole thing. At Bethel, we’re far from perfect, but we seek to demonstrate the spirit of love, acceptance and integrity that marked the ministry of Jesus.

People from all walks of life connect at Bethel – children, seniors, teenagers, college students, singles and families. We welcome, equally, those who are simply curious to know more about God and the message of the Bible, as well as those who are really looking for a place to belong.

Other information:

Worship Service  What is it like?

Leadership & Staff  Bethel’s pastors, elders and staff

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