Pastor Appreciation Month

How can you show appreciation?
October is Pastor Appreciation Month.
Let’s let our pastors know we appreciate them.

Bethel’s pastors are (Above photo, L-R):

Pastor Dave Foss, Pastor Kevin Foss, Pastor Rich Iverson, Pastor Allen Aase, and Pastor Ed Monson.

Pray for them.

What better way is there for you to uplift your pastors than through approaching the throne of grace with confidence? Pray for their emotional well-being, their physical strength, their spiritual wellness, and any specific needs you know. Before you do any of the following, be sure to pray.

Write them encouraging letters.

Being approached after a sermon and hearing how the Lord convicted or encouraged people
through the Word is great. I love receiving texts too. But letters of encouragement, especially handwritten ones, are true treasures.
What should you write?

  • Thank your leaders for their time outside the typical nine-to-five workday.
  • Share some Scripture that may be encouraging to them.
  • Tell them about how the Lord has been using their ministry to make you more like Jesus.
  • Write about how you saw a friend come to Christ.

Serve in the church.

How can you encourage your church leaders by serving?

  • Start by asking your leaders where they need help.
  • Spend a couple of months being a greeter.
  • Volunteer to hold and pray for babies while their parents worship in the sanctuary.
  • Simply ask where help is needed and be willing to be a faithful servant.

Give generously.

Giving is usually a pretty sensitive topic in church, isn’t it?

Pastors aren’t in the ministry for the money, or at least I hope they’re not—they will be sorely disappointed! You can show your appreciation for your pastors and church leaders by giving generously and viewing your gifts as an act of worship, not merely ministry maintenance.

Encourage their families.

Occupational ministry is a family affair, even if the pastor is the only family member working in the church. Late nights, working weekends, phone calls in the middle of the night—the demands of ministry affect more than just the one in the role.

Encourage the families of your church leaders in much the same way you encourage your church leaders: prayer, notes and acts of kindness.

Speak well of the church.

One of the most discouraging parts about leading the people of God is hearing them talk bad about others in the church. Don’t gossip about the bride of Christ. The body of Christ is a wounded body because it is made up of wounded people. Speak of the bride of Christ as you would like someone to speak of your spouse. October is Pastor Appreciation Month. Don’t just give a card — be an encourager.

The above is an excerpt from “Easy Ways to Thank Your Pastor” from
Authors Ed Stetzer & Chris Martin

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