Starting Over…Again

At the Chap Bettis seminar (Facebook photo album) a few weeks ago Chap was talking about family devotions, a churchy way to say reading the bible and praying together as a family. He made a comment that brought much relief to those who were gathered that day. He said that we are always “starting over.” I love that sentiment!  I think one of the greatest desires of Satan is to keep us from starting over – he wants us to focus on our past mistakes or stay stuck in ruts of behaviors that are not helpful. Life is always about starting over – it’s the Christian life. It’s repentance and faith, admitting we failed and then realizing that God washes us clean and makes us new!

So where do you need to start over?

  • Reading God’s Word with your family?
  • Praying with your kids?
  • Committing to corporate worship as a family?

Go ahead and start over…again!

Pastor Rich Iverson

Pastor Rich Iverson
Associate Pastor