Advent 2017 – Our 5th Graders (1 of 2)

Each year, Bethel 5th Graders get to be part of the videos that play while we light the weekly Advent candles.
This is the first of the two videos that will be shown.

This year’s theme is #WAITING, remembering how the Israelites waited for their Messiah, how the angels waited to announce the birth of Jesus, how Mary waited to give birth and how God waited to fulfill the prophecies that were shared long ago. We, who have a relationship with Jesus, now wait for his return.

The 5th graders will be delivering rocks around Fergus Falls and Battle Lake.
If you find a rock, we invite you to share the photo on social media and tag Bethel Church.
@mybethelfamily (Facebook & Instagram)
Use the hashtag: #waitingrocks