Christmas Programs 2017

#Waiting is Bethel’s theme for our Christmas Season. Israel waited for the promised Messiah. The angels waited to announce the birth of Jesus. God waited to fulfill his promise. We wait for Jesus to return someday and bring us home to heaven for eternity in his presence. What are you #WAITING for?

The following are photos from December 10th and 17th.

December 10th – At Bethel Fergus Falls, the preschoolers shared songs and Bible verses they learned in Sunday School at the 9:30 service and the Bethel Adult Choir shared a mini-concert at the 8:00 service and two songs at the 11:00 service.

December 17th – Both Bethel Fergus Falls and Bethel Battle Lake held our annual Christmas Student-led Worship Services. During the Christmas Season, Bethel invites Kindergarten-6th graders to take over our worship service. We see them taking on many of the volunteer roles that need to be filled in order to hold a worship service. They lead us in worship, serve as ushers and greeters, serve coffee, work in the nursery, and share what they have been learning in Sunday School. We’ve had kids make comments about wanting to be a pastor someday or saying “I’ve been an usher before!” because of the opportunities these Student-led Services have provided. This special opportunity brings multiple generations together and reminds these children that they are a significant part of our church.

View photos of both weeks below.

Dec. 10th photos on Facebook Dec. 17th photos on Facebook