2017 Annual Report

Bethel’s 2017 Annual Report is ready. You can flip through Bethel’s annual report or download a PDF copy.
View the 2017 highlight video above, as well.


This report can’t possibly tell the whole story, nor does it attempt to. The story of 2017 is more than a written “report” can tell. Often churches are measured by the “3 B’s”: Bodies, Budget and Buildings. We don’t believe this is the measure of a church at all. These measurements matter – how many people were there?; was giving sufficient to support the mission of the church?; is our facility meeting the demands of ministry and projected to meet those needs in the future? Those are important questions and the answers are informative, but as the Gospel is given, its results are far reaching and somewhat defy measurement. Contained in this report, you’ll find lots of “3 B’s” type of information. Read it. Pay attention to it. But look past it to the work of God among us and join us in giving thanks to God. “To God be the glory, great things he hath done.”