Amendments to Constitution & Bylaws

The Constitutional Committee was appointed by the Executive Committee of the Elder Board in January of 2017, and tasked with reviewing Bethel’s procedures and functionality for effectiveness, and Bethel’s Constitution and Bylaws to identify areas where the language needs revision or where new language needed to be proposed. The committee met seven times from February through July of 2017. Changes to the Constitution or Bylaws of Bethel Church are accomplished in the following manner:

Amendment to the Constitution
A motion for amendment to the Constitution must be presented in written form and read at an Annual Meeting of the congregation. At the following Annual Meeting (one year later) the motion for amending the constitution is voted upon. Constitutional amendments require approval by a two-thirds majority vote of members present at that meeting.

Amendment to the Bylaws of the Constitution
The Bylaws of the Constitution may be amended at an annual or quarterly congregational business meeting. Such amendments must have been read at the previous congregational business meeting. Adoption of amendments to the bylaws requires a minimum two-thirds approval by the voting membership present at the meeting.

Bethel will be hosting several Q&A meetings throughout 2018 to answer questions and help you be informed about the reasons for and the affects of these amendments. Watch the special events page for future meetings.

Click the button below to download the booklet that lists the changes along with an explanation of the reasons for these proposed amendments.

Download Amendment Information Booklet