Weep, connect, care and pray

Like many of you I have been shocked by the story of the tragic death of the 6 year old boy Justis, whose death happened under horrific circumstances this past week. Words seem so inadequate in the face of this kind of darkness. Our hearts ache for the pain and loss experienced by this young boy. What are we to do in light of this tragedy? A few thoughts that you may find helpful. None of these things stand alone, no one can do everything. We can all be different. We can all do something.

Weep. Evil hurts all of us. Jesus wept at the tomb of his friend. To weep is to humanize those who have suffered.

Connect. While this case is the worst possible story, there are other children and adults in our community who are living lonely and broken lives next door to us. You may be the lifeline for someone close to you.

Practice hospitality. There is always a need for homes for children who are in the foster care system. Could your home be a refuge for someone who needs a safe place?

Pray. May God deliver us from evil, may His kingdom come, His will be done.

Pastor Rich Iverson

Pastor Rich Iverson
Associate Pastor