Homes of Hope Mission Trip – April 2018

Though the latest Homes of Hope mission trip involved building a home for a family in need, the team had the opportunity to spend a majority of their time building relationships with the local pastors! Since 2015, the Homes of Hope mission trips have taken on a new focus. Since Bethel is only in Ensenada for a week and the local church is there 24/7/365, Bethel has chosen to focus our energy on encouraging and supporting the local church.

There were many signs during this latest trip that the investment in these relationships is making an impact. As Joel Pettigrew said when he returned from the trip last year, “To partner with the Church in Ensenada is not a matter of giving them money so their problems go away. It’s a matter of getting to know them, and joining them in prayer, asking them tough questions and letting them ask US tough questions in return.”

The following are glimpses into this latest trip.

October 15-22,2018 (LEARN MORE)

The Homes of Hope house was built in two days! The family started attending Pastor Gabriel’s church!

The team worked with most of the pastors with whom Bethel has a relationship. This picture is only missing Pastor Ricardo, who visited Bethel last fall for Missions Week. There are already conversations and plans for next time Bethel comes to Ensenada, involving outreach and evangelism in their communities!

The team worked on roofing Pastor Luis’ church, followed by lunch and conversation.

Pastor Lazaro’s church was sided and the team met church leaders and heard ministry plans over lunch.

Pastor Ricardo was surprised by his congregation with a pastor appreciation party.

Worked on a building on Pastor Ricardo’s church’s new land. This is a step in a long-term plan.

The team was blessed by participating in the first worship service on the new land!

Please keep the team in your prayers as they are most likely processing all that took place. These experiences are impossible to articulate to friends and family. Sometimes team members feel alone when the return because they don’t know how to apply what they learned on the trip. Pray for God to work in their hearts and guide them as they live out their faith back in Minnesota.

Also, pray for the pastors and their churches. They are continuing to do ministry and reach out to their communities with the Gospel in unique ways as God as called them.