Our little ones are paying attention (Video)

Do you ever wonder if your kids are paying attention while sitting in a worship service? We watch them play with their toys, whine about being bored, make lots of noise with their snacks and fall asleep on our shoulders. But, you know what? Little kids absorb everything happening around them. They’re watching and listening in ways we never expect. God works through community worship to minister to even the smallest of humans. Bethel Church’s vision of Faith@Home desires to see families worshiping together. We believe this will create a habit in children that, as they grow up, will mature into a natural desire to attend weekly worship and to grow and serve as part of a body of believers. Below is a video of a four year old child of a Bethel family, reciting sections of the Apostle’s Creed, which was never intentionally taught to her. She would only learn this by sitting through worship services with her family. (Note: This video was used during a sermon on May 27, 2018)

Her mom, Kristin Christenson, wrote the following articles, to read more about why they bring their children to worship with them.