Faith@Home on the Road

We are about to enter the vacation season here in Minnesota, in fact, many of you are already into it. Time at the lake, camping, sunburns, mosquitoes, blissful road trips (ok…that’s stretching it!). But these long road trips can be great opportunities for great conversations and learning.

The default tends to be a video to entertain kids while on the road, and that’s a blessing to help those hours pass peacefully. I would also encourage you to use the time to listen to good audio books. There are some great ones that you can listen to together that will grow your love for God and his world. Chronicles of Narnia and Adventures in Odyssey are two that come to mind. There are also some other classic children’s books that people of all ages will love. The public library can be a good resource.

Faith@Home means talking about God’s ways as you “walk along the road.” What better way to obey this command than while you are “driving along the road”!

Pastor Rich Iverson

Pastor Rich Iverson
Associate Pastor