Sunday Morning Fall Schedule for Fergus Falls

The following is an announcement about Bethel Fergus Falls’ Sunday morning schedule for this fall, starting September 9th.

Greetings Bethel Faith Family!

I’d like to use the space below to tell you about some exciting plans for the fall.

By God’s grace, Bethel is growing. That in itself means that Bethel is a unique church these days. And when we grow, we experience space issues. Perfectly normal. We need to address the space issues at our Fergus Falls campus this fall.

The two areas where we feel the space issues are:

  1. OUR PARKING LOT: Our parking lot is full during the 9:30 am hour; some have observed visitors driving away after not being able to park in our lot.
  2. OUR CHILDREN’S SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSROOMS: Our kids’ classes are filling up during our 9:30 am hour, and we already have multiple sections for most of our kids’ classes.


The staff and elders have been asking: Using the time and space we have, how can we best steward our opportunity to proclaim the gospel to the men, women and children in our community?

As we pursue options for expanding our parking space we’d like to see if a new fall schedule helps us be better stewards of our mission, time and space.

So the fall schedule we will try looks like this:

9:00 am

  • Worship service
  • Sunday School (for kids, teens and adults)
  • Confirmation class

10:30 am

  • Worship Service
  • Sunday School (for kids, teens & adults)

By offering 2 Sunday School hours we think we’ll see a more even distribution of people over two hours. This will relieve the pressure on our parking lot and create double the Sunday School space. Let’s now try and fill 2 Sunday Schools! (Wouldn’t that be terrific?!)

By moving to 2 worship services at more optimal times (mid-morning), we think we’ll experience fuller, more meaningful worship as a church family.

I’ve been asked: Is this going to be our “permanent” schedule?

The simple and honest answer is: We don’t know yet. We want to try this schedule September – December and see what we learn. If something’s not working, we’ll seek to correct it along the way. If this schedule experiment simply doesn’t work, we’ll admit it and change course.

Here’s what we’re asking from all of us:

  • Thank you for joining us in a “Let’s give this a try” mindset. We’ve studied the situation and have thought a lot about this. Thanks for letting us try something and for any patience it might require as we learn and grow together.
  • Thanks for your hospitality! We’re still asking for help from those who can drop off the family and park on side streets or behind Hillcrest saving parking lot space for guests and those who need to be close. Consider yourself a host. THIS IS SUCH A BIG HELP! Thank you! (Guys, let’s flex those chivalry muscles and brave the elements this fall and winter!)
  • Start to ponder what your family’s Sunday morning might look like this fall! We’ll ask you in August to give us your best guess as to which worship service you’d like to attend and which Sunday school hour you’d like to attend. Your best guess, not a commitment. For many of us, it’s an easy answer and might only require a slight adjustment to our usual routine. If you are a family with kids you now have 2 Sunday Schools options, so would you bring them to a service first and send them to Sunday School after? Or will you attend Sunday School first and then go to a worship service together?

As you think of your Sunday morning plans consider this:

  • Confirmation will be at 9:00 am only. Families with confirmands should plan to attend worship at 10:30 am.
  • Senior highers, college students and adults will have a couple of Sunday School options at 9:00 and 10:30 am each to choose from. (No high school or college specific classes)
  • 9:00 am worship service: This worship service will have broad appeal. It will feature worship singing led by Erika (our Worship Director), with the use of hymns and newer songs, guitars, organ, worship team and choir. We’ll use a combination of the best gifts of music and musicianship that we have. I’m excited about this earlier service and I think you’ll love it!
  • 10:30am worship service: This worship service will look much like the 10:30 am worship service you are experiencing this summer. This service will continue to be a vibrant, life-giving service that leads us to worship God.

So, Bethel family, thanks for your partnership in the ministry.
We want to keep getting the Word out and continue to see it make a difference!

Riding the Waves of God’s Activity,

Pastor Dave

P.S. Who might you invite to join you for worship this Sunday as we continue our journey through Genesis?