Why do we vote?

So how do we live as God’s people in this world? Some would argue that we should withdraw (the “monastery” option) where we commit to being a voice against the godless world by withdrawing and being a testimony against it.

Others would advocate for trying to make it “Christian” by power, either through electing the right people or by passing the right laws.

There is another way.

  • By speaking the gospel as followers of Jesus. This addresses the soul issues that everyone faces.
  • By working to bring peace and justice to our communities by serving it as citizens of this world.

Part of serving our community is to participate in the election of our leaders as our constitution allows. What a privilege and responsibility! We want to vote for those we believe will best serve our world in carrying out the duties that are given to them.

Please be thoughtful as you vote this week. Talk with your children about why you vote the way you do. Consider how you can best fulfill your duty as an informed citizen, as one who loves your neighbor. We do this by caring for their eternal soul, by speaking the Gospel of Jesus to them, and by working for a just and peaceful society within this world.

Pastor Rich Iverson

Pastor Rich Iverson
Associate Pastor