The third line in Bethel’s vision statement reads:
Build Faith@Home – a heritage of faith in Christian homes

But what does this mean?

From time to time when I tell people that my title at Bethel is Associate Pastor for Faith@Home Ministries, I am asked, “What does that mean?”

I see my focus here at Bethel as helping us to live out the command to make disciples. The reality is that being a disciple is something that primarily happens outside of a church building. There are 168 hours in a week. If we spend an hour each day in bible learning, (such as family devotions, personal time, and bedtime Bible reading) that is still only about 5% of our total time. This time of dedicated learning is important to being a disciple, but it’s still only a small part of our time. The reality is that our kids are learning and living the other 95% of the time, as well. What are they learning? Are parents teaching and living out the reality of a God-centered life in their homes? Am I? Children are watching their parents. What are they seeing? How can we help one another live out our faith in intentional and significant ways? That is what I am trying to help us do as Bethel Church. It is a journey we are making together. It is a journey that is good to be on.

Pastor Rich Iverson is the Associate Pastor for Faith@Home Ministries

More Information & Resources:

  • Bethel has a Faith@Home Resource Center stocked with all sorts of books to equip parents to build faith at home! These resources can be read in the Living Room or purchased to bring home.
  • Bethel’s Faith@Home vision is based on the philosophy of Faith@Home Ministries by Mark Holmen. Visit their website for resources and information.
  • Quarterly Faith@Home events take place at Bethel for parents and anyone who is involved in the life of a child. They’ll be listed on this page below the articles, or check out the church events page.

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