Bible Study Fellowship is a weekly Bible study for our community that carefully and strategically dives deep into God's Word. These weekly gatherings start with discussion in small groups about the text for the week, followed by a teaching about the text. Attendees will leave with a worksheet and study for the following week, which they are expected to study during the week. 

The mission of Bible Study Fellowship is global, in-depth Bible classes producing passionate commitment to Christ, His Word and His Church. Our vision is to magnify God and mature His people as they cultivate a deeper relationship with Him.

This group is for men. A women's group may be coming soon.

Starts September 13th
Thursdays / 6:45 PM / Bethel Fergus Falls

Please register as soon as possible. The group will need to plan for space and the number of group leaders needed for the ministry.

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The study for 2018-2019 season:

People of the Promised Land (Part 1)

Beginning with Israel's entrance into Canaan under the leadership of Joshua, People of the Promised Land I and II chart the ups and downs of the nation of Israel. People of the Promised Land (Part 1) covers the united kingdom of Israel, from Joshua to Solomon.

We will study the books of Joshua, Ruth, 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 Kings 1-11 and overviews of Psalms and Proverbs.

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