The Eclipse (August 2017)

Eclipse… It was now about noon, and darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon…  – Luke 23:44 Eclipse means to hide, to conceal, cover or darken. It also means to cast a shadow upon something. In the ancient Greek language, eclipse meant “to abandon.” This month, the earth’s moon will cover, conceal, and totally darken the sun in places …

Day Camp – Fergus Falls (2017)

Day Camp took place in Fergus Falls from August 7th-11th, and was for 1st-6th grade. Inspiration Point staff brought their summer theme “The Mountain” to Bethel. Learn more about their theme HERE.

Sports Camp (2017)

We had a great time with 1st-4th graders at Sports Camp. Thank you to all the coaches and helpers who loved each one of these kids and the champ chat speakers who shared the truth about Jesus through Joshua 1:9.

My Story – Kara

Kara shares about the four years she got to serve as part of the Borderless Mexico Mission Trip and how the repeated visits allowed her and others to develop meaningful relationships, which created opportunities to share the Gospel.

My Story – Anna

Anna shares how youth group, teaching Sunday School and being part of the church has taught her not to be nervous about praying. This has resulted in her leading her teams in prayer before games, helping them focus on the game, but also on God.

My Story – Nate

Nate shares about his summer working on staff at Inspiration Point ( Shown what servant leadership looks like, Nate was inspired to live that out as a High School Senior.