Christmas Season Schedule

Dec. 10th  /  Bethel Choir Mini-Concert (Fergus Falls only)
8:00 AM worship service

Dec. 10th  /  Preschool Students sing (during offertory – Fergus Falls only)
9:30 AM worship service

Dec. 12th  /  “Chilled but Filled” (Women’s Event)  /  7:00 PM

Dec. 19th  /  Caroling Event (Women’s Event) / Meet at: Broen 2:00 PM – Pioneer 3:00 PM

Dec. 21st  /  Primetimers Ministry Christmas Fest (ages 60+)  /  2:00 PM

Dec. 17th  /  Student-led Worship Services

  • Fergus Falls: 9:30 AM worship service
  • Battle Lake: 10:30 AM worship service

Dec. 24th  /  Christmas Eve Worship Services

Dec. 31st  /  New Years Eve Day Worship Services

  • Fergus Falls: 9:30 & 11:00 AM
  • Battle Lake: 10:30 AM

Advent Weekly Videos

Each week, Advent videos are released, which follow Bethel 5th Graders completing an Advent project. This year, they’ll follow the theme of “#WAITING” as they learn about how the shepherds, angels and Mary waited for the birth of Jesus.

  • Video 1 of 2
  • Video 2 of 2

Advent Photos

  • Links to each of the events will be added as they are available.


  • advent2016-preschool-choir

Suggested Resource: A Star from Afar

Check out this great Faith@Home resource for Christmas! The Star From Afar is a game that celebrates the true meaning of Christmas! Create the Three Wiseman journey through your home this year and Follow the Star! The Star ends on Christmas morning at the Nativity Scene. Each day comes with a Bible verse related to God as our light and salvation.

You can buy it from their website:

This Christmas, let’s spend less and give more. By spending just a little less on gifts we free up our resources to love as Jesus loves by giving to those in need.

It’s not always enough to say “no” to our culture’s consumerism during the Christmas season; we can say “yes” to a different way of celebrating. We might call it an ADVENT CONSPIRACY.

Bethel Church is inviting you to spend less on each other this Christmas and give to famine relief efforts in Chad, Africa. This offering will be collected at each of our Christmas Eve Services.

So, what will your giving go towards? Here’s a short list of opportunities:

  • $25 will purchase a tarp that can be used as a temporary shelter for a homeless family.
  • $100 will purchase enough grain to feed a family of 5 for one month.
  • $2,500 will provide a well for thirsty people who have been displaced and are putting significant strain on the few wells available serving thousands of people.


During Bethel’s Christmas Eve services, use the RED ENVELOPE to give to Advent Conspiracy. You may also designate your giving to “Famine Relief.”

Last year: Thank you Bethel Church, for your generosity this Christmas Season! Our Advent Conspiracy offering brought in a total of $20,507 for famine relief in Jesus’ name!

Faith @ Home

Advent Conspiracy provides a wonderful Faith@Home resource for families. This is a four week guide with Scripture readings, talking points, and activities to walk your family through the Advent season.

Click the link below and scroll down to FAMILY RESOURCE BUNDLE

Download the Advent Family Guide

A Previous Year’s Advent Wreath Project

In 2015, the 5th graders worked with three men from Bethel to make a wooden Advent Wreath, which also functions as a Lent wreath. This wreath idea comes from Ann Voskamp’s blog and you can use the links below to make your own!

learn about the wreath
view one of the videos