Bethel’s World Mission Focus

Bethel is serious about world missions. Many people groups have never heard about Jesus, and some may never get a chance if a missionary is not sent into their community to share God’s Word with them.

Bethel is involved in two world mission initiatives. One through the Church of the Lutheran Brethren in Chad and the other through Youth with a Mission in Ensenada, Mexico. The Ensenada mission focus is growing as Bethel explores partnership opportunities with local churches.

Missions Week 2017

NOVEMBER 5th-12th

This year, for Missions Week, Bethel will be celebrating our relationship with the churches in Ensenada, Mexico. The Homes of Hope mission trip that has been happening for more than a decade has led to a wonderful relationship with local pastors and their churches! Pastor Ricardo and Antonia, along with a couple others, will be visiting Bethel for Missions Week to get to know us a little bit better and to share what God is doing in Ensenada.

Save the date:
November 12th
5:30 PM / Hillcrest Cafeteria
Dinner & Program with Pastor Ricardo & Antonia
Watch announcements for other opportunities

Ensenada, Mexico

Every year, Bethel Church sends a team to Ensenada, Mexico, to help build a home for a family in need. This is done through Youth with a Mission (YWAM) and has been happening for nearly a decade. Relationships with local pastors have developed and new opportunities are on the horizon.

Read about three of the pastors below that Bethel has identified as partners in ministry. Relationships are powerful, and we pray that God will continue to grow his Church through the work of the local congregations in Ensenada. Bethel desires to encourage and support these ministries in a way that is effective and empowering, as well as learn from their ministries and grow in our faith and ministry as Bethel Church.


Dates: TBD (Spring, 2017)

This Mexico mission trip has been happening for a decade. You will not only experience building a home for a family in need, but also witness God working through the local churches.

Close relationships have been built with local pastors and Bethel has an opportunity to encourage them and learn from them. Your eyes will be opened to God’s global Church!

Let us know you’re interested

Questions? Call the church office or Doug Thorson (218) 731-2438

The Bethel Homes of Hope team spent a week in Ensenada, Mexico (April 3-10) with two purposes in mind: 1) Build a home for a family in need, and 2) continue to build deeper, meaningful relationships with the local pastors and ministries. The first couple days were spent building the home for the Lopez Conde family, who have three children under the age of 8. (Group picture with family above)

The rest of the days were spent with Pastor Ricardo and Pastor Lazaro, as well as Agua Viva, a ministry to local indiginous children run by Mark Neafie. The team got to learn more about Pastor Ricardo’s vision for his congregation as they look for a new worship location. The congregation has a big vision for reaching the community through daycare and a school. Pastor Lazaro showed the team around his small campus and shared his vision for a library for the local children, a building for visiting missionaries, and so much more. The team got to help add a cement floor in one of Pastor Lazaro’s buildings.

While all the hands-on work was wonderful and extremely helpful to the Ensenada ministries, the team returned to Fergus Falls and Battle Lake with a passion for reaching the lost in Otter Tail County, inspired by the strong faith of the Christians in Ensenada. Will you please pray for those who have been on these mission trips, as well as those of us who have stayed back in Fergus Falls and Battle Lake, that God would work through each of us to reach our neighbors and friends with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

How is God calling you to share the Good News with those around you?

> Watch the profile videos of each Ensenada pastor below on this page

Local Pastors

Below is information and a video about each of the pastors that we are partnering with to encourage and empower each other in ministry in both Ensenada and Fergus Falls.

Pastor Ricardo
Amor de Cristo Comunidad Cristiana

VISION: Grow the congregation through a backyard ministry of small groups. Desires to run a soup kitchen, daycare, orphanage, and rehab center. Currently has 12 small groups with strong training in discipleship.

Pastor Gabriel
Arbol del Olivo

VISION: Prepare the church to minister to those in the community, and to rehabilitate those who have become burned out doing ministry in the past.

Pastor Lazaro
Iglesia Bautista Familia de Dios

VISION: To build a solid spiritual foundation within the church so that they are equipped to become spiritual leaders in the community.

Below are three videos:

  • An overview of the mission trip to Ensenada, which will give you an idea of what the trips are like. (April 2016)
  • A testimony by Kenny Foss who joined the Homes of Hope team in 2015. (Summer 2015)

Church of the Lutheran Brethren

Bethel has partnered with Lutheran Brethren International Mission to adopt a people group in Chad, Africa (name of people group is removed online for the safety of our missionaries). Along with Hope Church in Barnesville, MN and Swan Lake Church in Fergus Falls, MN, Bethel has called and sent Nathanael and Carrie to this people group (last name removed online for their safety).

Nathanael is working on an illustrated book of Genesis in the native language of the people group to whom they are ministering.

This is part of a combined effort to teach them their written language (and how to read it) while sharing the Gospel with them.

Sara Ronnevik, a member of Bethel, is working with Nathanael to illustrate this book!

More information about this book and samples of the illustrations will be coming out during the summer months.

New Missionary / April 2017 / Kay’s Story

World Missions Update / June 2016 / Nathanael and Carrie update

World Missions Update / May 2016 / Unreached People Group

World Missions Update / March 2016 / Outreach to Refugees


  • Pray that the Holy Spirit continues to work in the hearts of the people group as Nathanael and Carrie build relationships with them and share the Gospel with them.
  • Pray for the village where Nathanael and Carrie are doing ministry. The chief of the village has welcomed them with open arms.
  • Pray for the health of Nathanael and Carrie and their children. There have already been some difficult moments and some scares within their family. Nathanael has said that these moments have actually opened up opportunities to share the Gospel with those around them.
  • Praise God! Nathanael and Carrie finished the building of their permanent home.
  • Pray for Nathanael and Carrie as they return to the U.S. in July.
  • Pray for the people in their village while Nathanael and Carrie are away for a year. May the Gospel truth continue to grow in their hearts and lives during this time.