Bethel’s World Mission Focus

Bethel is serious about world missions. Many people groups have never heard about Jesus, and some may never get a chance if a missionary is not sent into their community to share God’s Word with them.

Bethel is involved in two world mission initiatives. One through the Church of the Lutheran Brethren in Chad and the other through Youth with a Mission in Ensenada, Mexico. The Ensenada mission focus is growing as Bethel explores partnership opportunities with local churches.

Missions Week 2018

How is God calling Bethel to share the Gospel, both locally and globally?

The focus of this year’s Missions Week is on missions in Chad, Africa.

Our special guests are Danny and Mandy, who attended Bethel Church while Danny was in Seminary prior to being called as missionaries to the an unreached people group in Chad. They will be sharing about their ministry, giving Bethel more insight into the work that missionaries Nathanael & Carrie along with Kay are doing to bring the Gospel to the unreached people group that Bethel has adopted.

(Last names and people groups are removed for online versions)


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November 4th (Sunday)

Worship - Missionaries Danny & Mandy Bronson and Marcos & Kirsten Holzner share about ministry in Chad, Africa.

Adult Sunday School

  • Fergus Falls: Former missionary Jim Erickson
  • Battle Lake: Report from Homes of Hope Mission Team (October trip)

Missions Dinner (5:00-6:30 PM)

This event includes a taco meal, video greetings by Nathanael and Carrie Szobody and their children, along with Kay Asche, and a presentation by the Bronson family.

All children are invited to stay for the dinner and program. Childcare available for the little ones.

During the Week

Danny & Mandy will be visiting Wednesday children and youth activities. Small groups are encouraged to invite the Bronsons to their gatherings. Contact the church office.

November 11th (Sunday)

WorshipMissionary Jim Olsen. Jim and Suzy Olsen serve in Quito, Ecuador with Youth World at Hacienda El Refugio, a retreat center.

NOTE: 2:00-5:00 PM - An open house for the Olsens at Stan & Cheryl’s home (707 Woodland Loop).

Evening (5:00 PM) - Church planter Erick Sorensen will share updates on Epiphany Lutheran Church in New York City. This is a church planting effort that Bethel Church has committed to supporting through our mission goals.

Location: Hunan Spring Buffet ($5/person)

Ensenada, Mexico

For over a decade, Bethel has been sending teams to build homes for those in need through Homes of Hope by Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Lives have been changed in the process, both in Ensenada and at Bethel Church, but we’re only there for a week, and the local churches stay and continue the long-term ministry.

So now what? Rather than be satisfied with the short-term ministry, Bethel and the Ensenada churches are developing meaningful relationships. The exciting thing is that other relationships are developing, as well!

The plan is to continue building these relationships alongside future Homes of Hope home builds, and look for opportunities to partner with these churches in ministry, to witness God at work, and to learn from them. This partnership is a two-way relationship, positively influencing both sides.

Read about three of the pastors below that Bethel has identified as partners in ministry. Bethel desires to encourage and support these ministries in a way that is effective and empowering, as well as learn from the ministries and grow in our faith and work as Bethel Church.

Next Trip

April 1-8, 2019

This trip is already full, but you can let us know that you’re interested to be added to a waiting list.


Local Pastors

Below is information and a video about each of the pastors that we are partnering with to encourage and empower each other in ministry in both Ensenada and Fergus Falls.

Below are three videos:

  • An overview of the mission trip to Ensenada, which will give you an idea of what the trips are like. (April 2016)
  • A testimony by Kenny Foss who joined the Homes of Hope team in 2015. (Summer 2015)

Church of the Lutheran Brethren

Bethel has partnered with Lutheran Brethren International Mission to adopt a people group in Chad, Africa (name of people group is removed online for the safety of our missionaries). Along with Hope Church in Barnesville, MN and Swan Lake Church in Fergus Falls, MN, Bethel has called and sent Nathanael and Carrie to this people group (last name removed online for their safety).

New Missionary / April 2017 / Kay’s Story

World Missions Update / June 2016 / Nathanael and Carrie update

World Missions Update / May 2016 / Unreached People Group

World Missions Update / March 2016 / Outreach to Refugees


Please keep in mind that we have removed the name of the people group, the name of the village where they serve, the last names of missionaries and the full names of the Chadian ministry partners for their privacy and safety. Please see printed material at Bethel Church or call the church office learn more.

  • Pray that the Holy Spirit continues to work in the hearts of the people group as Nathanael and Carrie S. build relationships with them and share the Gospel with them.
  • Pray for the village where Nathanael and Carrie S. are doing ministry. The chief of the village has welcomed them with open arms.
  • Pray for the health of Nathanael and Carrie S. and their children. There have already been some difficult moments and some scares within their family. Nathanael has said that these moments have actually opened up opportunities to share the Gospel with those around them.
  • Pray for Kay A., who is learning the language and in the process of identifying a permanent location for ministry among the same people group as Nathanael and Carrie. Kay’s ministry may focus on the women and children of the people group.
  • Pray for a Chadian family who has moved to the village as part of the missionary team with Nathanael & Carrie S. and Kay A.
  • Pray for the start of a village school this past fall (2018). This will not only provide quality education for the local children, but also create other ministry opportunities as it becomes a central location for village activities and meetings.
  • Praise God for his work through the village leaders. They have welcomed the idea of Christian curriculum to be used for the village school. The children who attend will be learning Bible stories while they learn to read and write.
  • Praise God! The director of the village school has moved there with his family and has started teaching classes!