Stewardship Story – Chris

Chris shares how he’s found purpose in giving in response to his faith in Jesus. He is learning how his God-given talents and abilities are giving him opportunities to give financially and make a difference in other people’s lives.

Stories of Amazing Grace – Dawn

Dawn shares about God’s Grace through her battle with cancer. Brought to her knees as she discovered she had cancer for a second time, she was lifted up as she realized that God has been with her the entire time. > This video was used as part of this sermon  

Stories of Amazing Grace – Steve

Steve shares how his family has gone through some very difficult times. The story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego facing death as a result of refusing to bow down to the king’s false god has shifted his mindset. He desires to live a life of “Even if…” instead of “What if…” EVEN IF…God takes away everything, Steve wants to rest …

Stories of Amazing Grace – Andrea

Andrea shares how God’s Grace helped calm her fears of death and the unknown as she and her husband entrusted her two sons to the care of doctors. > This video was used as part of this sermon  

Wills & Trusts – Ryan

Ryan talks about why having a will or trust is important to him and his family. He argues that wills are for everyone, no matter how old you are, and especially if you have young children. This is a way for us to make sure they are cared for, even if we’re not around. WILLS & TRUSTS Workshop – October …

My Story – Julie (Serving)

Julie shares how she came to use her gifts for God’s glory, through his church. In the process of stepping up and serving, her family has been blessed with a community that has helped them get through some difficult times.

Stories of Amazing Grace – Daryl

Daryl shares about a dark time in his life and how God showed him that His Grace is not just an ingredient in a recipe for Christian life, but that it’s God’s loving response to our deep brokenness. > This video was used as part of this sermon  

Stories of Amazing Grace – Jason

Jason shares about God’s Grace, in the midst of anger, mistakes and giving up on life, working through his children, the church and His Word (Romans 8) to remind him how much God loves him. > This video was used as part of this sermon