We Don’t Talk About That

Every year around June, Bethel goes through a sermon series called “We Don’t Talk About That.” The following are the videos from the series since 2015.

Click HERE to access past audio versions.

2018 Series

  • Topic: Kicked Out of Church

  • Topic: Divorce (Part 1)

  • Topic: Divorce (Part 2)
  • Topic: Glass Ceilings at Church

2017 Series

  • Topic: Baptism
  • Topic: Can We Trust the Bible?
  • Topic: Dinosaurs
  • Topic: Racism

2016 Series

  • Topic: Gender Identity
  • Topic: Speaking in Tongues
  • Topic: Sports Idolatry
  • Topic: “Trump or Clinton?”

2015 Series

  • Why to bad things happen to good people?
  • Denominations: Diversity to celebrate or divisions to grieve?
  • Judgement Day (You know, that End Times stuff)
  • A Quest for Equality in America