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Mission & Facility

Expansion Updates

Below are the udpates and resources related to Bethel's Mission & Facility Expansion Project.
Please note that we are in the research and planning stages of this initiative. A proposal will be brought to the congregation later this fall at a congregational business meeting for a vote. Below are updates on the progress of the current work.

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At Bethel's Annual Meeting in January, the elder board of Bethel Church shared their five-year strategic ministry plan. This plan includes addressing the space issues related to our parking and facility needs at Bethel Fergus Falls. This led to the formation of a Parking & Facility Expansion Committee, who prepared a report shared at Bethel's June business meeting. This report is a good place to start as you walk through the updates that have followed since then.
The strategic ministry plan, mentioned above, addresses the following areas:
  • Parking & Seating (Bethel Fergus Falls)
  • Battle Lake Property (Bethel Battle Lake)
  • Discipleship
  • Consitution/Bylaws Amendments
  • Third Campus

Latest updates (starting with the most recent)

August 21, 2019
Your chairman of the congregation Daryl Synstelien shares some updates on Bethel's Mission & Facility Expansion project. This includes two videos and a downloadable PDF file. These resources include details on the report that was shared during our business meeting on August 11, as well as an overview of the question & answer session that followed. Please take some time to watch these updates so you can stay informed. You are encouraged to contact Daryl or church staff with ANY questions about this process. We want to gather as much information, ideas and questions during this time so we can move forward united in mission.
Business meeting update
Q&A session overview
July 30, 2019
Here's a video update from your congregational chairman, Daryl Synstelien, updating us on Bethel's Mission & Facilities Expansion project. We are still in the pre-construction, planning phase, looking forward to a congregational vote later in the fall. Bethel is currently working with the two organizations that you will hear about in the video.

It's been hot lately, so how about a report from a snowstorm?
July 15, 2019
In this video, congregational chairman Daryl Synstelien shares what happened during the June business meeting as it relates to the pre-construction phase of Bethel's Mission & Facility Expansion project. It's important to note that the motions that passed move us to the research and informational stage as Bethel considers how to address the issues of space as it relates to our parking and facilities.
You may also download the extremely helpful report from the Parking and Facility Expansion Committee (see link below) that was shared during the business meeting that lays out the reasons behind the proposal that was brought to the congregation and approved.