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Creation Story Published by Our Missionary

In January 2009, Bethel adopted a people group in Chad, Africa (people group name removed for online use for the privacy and safety of the people and our missionaries). We sent missionaries Nathanael and Carrie a few years ago, and recently commissioned and sent Kay, who is now in Chad and working to identify a permanent location for ministry.

Missionary Nathanael has been working with Fergus Falls artist Sara Ronnevik to create a book on the Story of Creation, which, in his context of ministry will lay the foundation for talking about the Gospel. Here is his latest update, along with a photo that he sent.

This has been a long time in coming, and now at last we have all printed forms of the Creation story on the ground in this land! Scrolls and books, Latin and Arabic script can be seen in the photo.

Now for the fun part: using them! Only a few days ago I had the opportunity to ‘unroll’ the first story of God’s word in two separate villages to large groups of men, women and children. This is what it’s all about! People are hearing the incredible story of God in their own language–and seeing it–for the first time.

Thank you for your continued prayers that this story would find its fulfillment in the lives of those who hear it.

– Nathanael (last name removed)
Please pray for our missionaries as they continue to build relationships and share the Good News of Jesus!
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