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Update on the Bible in Chad

The following is an update from our Missionary Nathanael, who is ministering to an unreached people group in Chad. He is in the process of translating the Bible into their native language and is using the Illustrated Book of Genesis (Chapters 1-3) to share the creation story. This leads to conversations about God.
Just wanted to give you all a shoutout and show you how the Bible is being used in this land! Included is a picture using the Genesis scroll in a nearby village this past week. Our guard wanted to visit family in that village and he figured if he convinced me go "share God's Word" he could get a free trip to see the relatives. Little does he know that not only am I on to him but that I am perfectly happy to play along. The Lord opens doors in many ways.

We visited two villages that day and used the Genesis scroll to share the Gospel of Jesus in both locations. My guard introduced me and told them to listen to what I had to share. They were receptive and we hope to return some time soon. 
- Nathanael S.
(Note: The names of the people groups and village have been removed for the safety of our missionaries and the people involved)
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