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A Future Home for Missionary Kay

Below is a beautiful and encouraging update by our Missionary Kay A. (Kay has been waiting to identify a permanent location among the people group that she's been called to). The above photo shows the work to lay the foundation for her future home.
It’s all about the dead tree...

Well, there it is folks. Birthed by your prayers and overseen by my teammate Nathanael S., who has made sense of sketchy sketches and taken time to oversee this project for Lutheran Brethren International Mission.

I marvel at the fortitude and endurance of the Chadian people, as they industriously labor in the 110+ heat to lay a solid foundation for my home before rainy season. Behind me is the new school, and the town. Next door is the school teacher’s new house. Nearby are refugee dwellings.

This country has a heart as big as their deserts and despite very limited resources, have opened their doors wide to share the water wells that LBIM provided with the people fleeing from surrounding countries. And they will even allow me, a strange white lady who expects a house to herself with running water and her own well, to live with them. I suspect I have much to learn from them and leave it in God’s hands that our ministry there will bless them as much as they bless others.

The perfectly formed, dead tree in the distance stands over the cemetery. These people don’t need me to come and live with them, but they do need to hear what we have heard.

It’s all about the dead tree.

- Kay A., Missionary to Chad

(Last names of the missionaries have been removed for online communication to protect their privacy and their ministry.)
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