ANNOUNCEMENT: Bethel will only hold a 10:30 AM worship service at Bethel Fergus Falls today. All Sunday School, confirmation, ministry activities and other worship services are CANCELLED at BOTH CAMPUSES.

Joyous Love - Easter 2022

Apr 17, 2022    Pastor David Foss

Worship Songs:
- Christ the Lord is Risen Today -
- Death Was Arrested -

Discussion Questions:
1. If the best kind of joy is the joy you didn’t see coming, can you think of a joy that you’ve experienced in life like that? you didn’t or couldn’t have expected?
2. Jesus said that “You will rejoice, and no one will take away your joy”. What are some of the ways life works against the joy Jesus gives?
3. What are some ways you’ve coped with your sadness and pain?
4. How does Easter guarantee Jesus’ promise of joy?
5. Are you trusting the Risen Jesus as your savior and eternal Joy-Giver?

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