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Conversation & Prayer
Session One / June 3, 2020

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Community Action

Wednesday, June 3, 7:00 PM

ONLINE EVENT / Stream on our website and on Facebook
When: Stream this event online, starting at 7:00 PM. The video will be available on demand at anytime after that for your convenience.
Where: Right here on this page on our website and on Bethel's Facebook Page.

What is this event?

As the people in our area continue to generously support those in need in our community, we want to make sure we are making wise and informed decisions. We often make assumptions about the needs around us, seeing things through our own social lens. We want to hear from those whose boots are on the ground.
This event invites three experts in the areas of small business, community action, and mental health to share the current state of our communities. They will help educate us on the greatest needs, what is being done to help, and how we as a church and community can most effectively make room in our own lives in order to make a difference in the lives of others.


Annie Deckert

CEO, Greater Fergus Falls
Annie will address the current state and future hope and concerns about local small businesses. While many businesses have been struggling during the last two months, what is the possible long-term effect of this pandemic?

Lisa Lipari

Community Engagement Manager, Mahube-Otwa
Lisa will address the care of the elderly, families, those who are struggling financially, as well as helping people connect to a variety of needs including housing, childcare and local human services. How could we most effectively help those who have lost their jobs, children who need meals, or the elderly who simply need someone to talk to?

Cindy Pipinich

Clinical Counselor, Lakeland Mental Health
Cindy will address the support and care of those who are struggling with mental health, anxiety and isolation. During this time of isolation, fear and uncertainty, many are wrestling with anxiety, depression and loneliness.