ANNOUNCEMENT: Bethel will only hold a 10:30 AM worship service at Bethel Fergus Falls today. All Sunday School, confirmation, ministry activities and other worship services are CANCELLED at BOTH CAMPUSES.

In Christ (Ephesians 2:19-22)

Oct 31, 2021    Pastor David Foss
1. The reformation restored to center stage the person and cause of Christ. Has there been a slide from “center stage” in the years since? If so, how so?
2. What kind of reformation does the church need today?
3. If the bond between believers is Jesus, why is there division in churches today?
4. How have you grown in your “connectedness” to other believers? What has helped that?
5. Who do you know that needs to hear the Gospel - about the hammer that drove a nail into a piece of wood at Calvary? What’s one way you could share this message with them?