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UNforgettable -The Widow from Zarephath

Aug 28, 2022    Pastor David Foss

Worship Songs:
- God Really Loves Us -
- It is So -

Discussion Questions:
1. So, what IS the worst job you've ever had?
2. Recall and retell how both Elijah and the widow were being taught to trust God for "daily bread."
3. The widow was gathering sticks when Elijah met her. In the message this became a metaphor for hopelessness. Do you know and see someone "gathering sticks?" How is God sending you to them to bring hope?
4. In v.18 the widow said to Elijah "What do you have against me, man of God? Did you come to remind me of my sin and kill my son?” Of course he didn't, but it felt that way to her. How is this question:
a) on the minds of people even today
b) answered in Jesus and the cross?